Spring 2019

a pinball flipper component

The first thing we did was make the blueprint. We used pencil and paper to represent objects in our pinball course. After we all agreed jordan used inkscape to construct and manipulate the objects around. Henry and watched youtube videos about diy pinball flippers. While sam and anthony worked on other obstacles. We made our prototype with cardboard popsicle sticks and rubber bands. When we got our prototype to work we began measuring with the caliper and fabricating it on fusion 360. Sam found out a way to use a 3d printed fidget spinner and fashioned them to a couple washers. Then jordan finished with the top part of the blueprint.The floor part of the pinball machine will be made out of plywood and laser cut. (a Subtractive fabrication option) ⅔ components of the first version was ineffective. We were effectively printed the the pinball arm in one try! I always say don't fix it if it isn't broken but improvement is different even if something is good or works you can always improve.

the in fill was not constant

This project incorporated all the skills I learned and added an interesting thing on my resumé.

what I learned was that sometimes you have to be your own leading and take charge of keeping tabs on your productivity even if there is a group leader you can still check up on your classmates to see if they need help or need to switch assignments in the end no one wants to hear excuses.

work on jointing parts without glue maybe work on two jointing pieces and resize them and import them later. the stem work field is a industry where hard workers struggle and smart and diligent workers prevail and prosper