Universe Generator

Universe Generator



Spring 2019

My project is a random generator that produces images of a universe, with planets, stars, asteroids, and more.

I created the randomness by utilizing the random() function, and I found out how to create planets and their names by giving the planets' x and y values values and putting words into said x and y values.

I could not figure out why my code was not working. Eventually I found out that the typeSize and fill functions were awry. I also found creating random rings around the planets difficult.

My project utilizes the random function in p5.js, placing random planets, names, stars, and asteroids throughout the project. It took around a week to get everything to run correctly, and I'm satisfied with the final result.

I learnt how to utilize the Random Function and learned how to put text onto objects.

One thing I'd tell someone else making this project is to look out for syntax errors and attempt different things, such as other spacial objects, like supernovas, galaxies, and star types, e.g. Giants, Supergiants, Neuron.