Baby-Thulhu T-Shirt

Baby-Thulhu T-Shirt



Spring 2019

My project is a T-shirt of the elder god Cthulhu from H.P. Lovecrafts work, but made adorable.

I made the Cthulhu on my t-shirt by outlining a drawing of Cthulhu in a way that could be vinyl cut. Then to make the tentacles I made a sketch on paper, took a picture of it, up loaded it on Inkscape, and then outlining that. I did the letters in a similar fashion, but the imaged I outlined was some text I typed of a font not avaliable on Inkscape with on google docs. After the design was cut i had to extract the vinyl I didn't need before heat pressing it on the t-shirt.

One of the issues I faced was that some of the holes on the tentacles were to small to extract.

If someone was trying to make the same project I would tell them to take breaks. when your outlining something big your hand will sometimes cramp, so take breaks to avoid that.